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Hotels By Honolulu Airport

hotels by honolulu airport

    honolulu airport
  • Honolulu International Airport is the principal aviation gateway of the City & County of Honolulu and the State of Hawaii and is identified as one of the busiest airports in the United States, with traffic now exceeding 21 million passengers a year and rising.

  • An establishment providing accommodations, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists

  • A code word representing the letter H, used in radio communication

  • HOTELS (ISSN-1047-2975) is a trade publication serving the information needs of the worldwide hospitality industry.

  • (hotel) a building where travelers can pay for lodging and meals and other services

  • Hotel is a dimensional real estate game created by Milton Bradley in 1986. It is similar to Square Mile and Prize Property. In Hotel the players are building resort hotels and attempting to drive their competitors into bankruptcy.

Autograph from Don Ho ~ I was Shocked, but I was Wrong

Autograph from Don Ho ~ I was Shocked, but I was Wrong

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I was only nineteen years old in 1967, and I daresay more naive than many nineteen year old young ladies today. I had gone from California to Hawaii on a vacation by myself, and let it be known I wanted to see Don Ho, the Hawaiian singer. He was very popular for the song "Tiny Bubbles" at the time. The bus driver who took me from the airport in Honolulu to Waikiki Beach to my hotel, seemed to keep passing my hotel area and delivering everyone but me to their respective hotels. I asked a few times when we would get to mine, and he replied, “No worries; we’ll get there.”

When we arrived at mine and he got my luggage out of the back, and handed it to me, he called my by my first name, which surprised me. No one in Hawaii knew me. It turned out it was an old ploy; he had gotten my name off of my luggage tags. I was the only one left on the bus; so he had to have it right.

He began flirting with me and saying he knew Don Ho personally, and could take me to his show, but also get me in afterwards to the lounge where Don Ho liked to hang out. He said he and Don Ho were friends. I was impressed, but I told him I had a boyfriend back home. He said he would just get me into the show, nothing else. He was true to his word.

After the show, I joined a few women up by the microphone area, and asked Don Ho for an autograph. About 10 or 12 other women also were gathered around trying to get one from him. No one had thought to have a pen with them. I liked to write, even back then, so I usually carried a pen. I called out that I had one, and he took it and used it for every one but me. He got to me, and I had nothing I could think of on which to write. In desperation, I thought of my shopping bag from a nearby store, and held it up, with the item still in it.
He wrote his autograph, and handed the bag and the pen back to me. I was a little in awe and embarrassed and mumbled thank-you. I hung my head a bit, and started to walk away.
He grabbed my shoulder, gently but very firmly and whirled me around and said, “Wait, where are you going?” Before I knew what was happening, he laid a great big French kiss on me. I was speechless.

When I got outside of the building where the show was, I read the autograph he wrote. I was shocked. My nickname was Dee Dee, which I had told him, and he signed it Love, Don Ho, but why in the world, would he write such a nasty thing to me along with the rest? I was after all, a sweet young thing, and I was not only shocked, but bewildered and a little hurt.

Later, I found out that his slogan was “Suck 'em up!” That was what he said often during a show when he wanted the crowd to drink more. It had been a large crowd, and I had no money for lots of drinks, and either didn’t hear him say that often enough to cement it in my mind as a slogan, or didn’t understand him when he said it. I was relieved to find out it was only a silly, slang slogan.
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1930 ~ 2007

Doe & "Aloha Fruit Basket"

Doe & "Aloha Fruit Basket"

Corey and I arrived on the beautiful "Garden Island" of Kaua'i (as it is so nicknamed) on the late afternoon of Monday, March 26th after a somewhat exhaustively extended trip consisting of one layover in Kahului on the island of Maui plus(!) a stopover in Honolulu on Oahu. Luckily, our luggage even arrived BEFORE we did (a first!!!) and was waiting for us by the baggage carousel when we got off the plane in Lihue, Kauai.

The SUPER hospitable AND locally-based owner of the condo that we stayed at in Kapa'a (on the east shore of Kaua'i)--Jo Ann--left us a basket full of delicious fresh fruits from the island (mangos, papayas, bananas, etc.). We even wondered if she might have picked them off her property! She and her family live in Lihue (where the airport is) and just LOVE their condo that they have named "J.C.'s Hale Kipa." The pride they have in it certainly shows in the way they have decorated it with homey island touches. It's not sterily spartan like a hotel room or other condos we have stayed in before. Since she and husband both have the first initial "J" and their last name is Carvalho, "J.C." is used and "Hale Kipa" is Hawaiian for "guest house."

We actually ran into Jo Ann HERSELF cleaning up the condo in anticipation of our stay (ANOTHER first for us--the owners of the previous condos we have stayed in while vacationing on the Big Island of Hawaii have been mainland residents who hire local caretakers and cleaning people to maintain the condos). Her granddaighter Jasmine was also there taking a dip in the pool which was located right off our lanai. As we got to sit back and talk to her making her aquaintance, she gave us some local tips on where to go and eat on the island and was a really fun lady to chat with. Mahalo ("thank you") for "showing us the Aloha" Jo Ann!!!

hotels by honolulu airport

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