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Travel West Inn

travel west inn

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Travel West Midlands Volvo B6LE/Wright Crusader 532 (P532 EJW)

Travel West Midlands Volvo B6LE/Wright Crusader 532 (P532 EJW)

Travel West Midlands Volvo B6LE/Wright Crusader 532 (P532 EJW) seen on Station Approach inn Solihull working the 42 to Hall Green.

532 did not last long in service, destroyed by fire while at West Bromwich in October 2003, and sold for scrap in March 2004.

If anyone can give me a more accurate date for this picture, please let me know.

Please note that this photo was not taken by me, but scanned from my personal collection.

Little A'Le'Inn

Little A'Le'Inn

In Rachel, NV, the only restaurant in town is the Little A'Le'Inn. I don't think I'm ever going back there.

Gaf Anscomatic 726

travel west inn

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